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Writing for an Indian Movie??!!!!

Hey guys, not had chance to post a new blog in a while so here is one with the latest news!

I have had a strange few days really, i have been asked to write a song for a new Indian / British film, by the director of "Bend It Like Beckham". So, the producer - Bally Sagoo - emailed over a rough idea of the scene in which the song is required so we have an idea of the kind of track. Leanne, the singer of Midnight, a very talented vocalist & writer (who happens to also be my cousin) and myself have written and recorded about 5-6 different songs from scratch, all with the same message/feel etc, in about 8hrs ish!

We went down to Bally's studio in a lovely part of the country, Stratford, on Monday night, til stupid o clock, just to jam out some (crappy) ideas on the piano, with a glass of whiskey on the rocks and a very busy headache! We had ideas, but nothing we were all happy with. We have been in the studio since, and recorded some great tracks, with both myself and Leanne sharing lead & harmony vocals. The track that gets accepted by the Director of the movie is to be re-recorded with Bally producing for a massive sound and a different female voice, but will ultimately remain very much our song.


Excitng stuff eh?! Well, i will post any updates as soon as i get them, and will also post up the chosen track, our recording, and also Bally Sagoo's version of our song as soon as we've sorted all the legal crap!!




RV xxx




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