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New Musicians Wanted For Full-On Original Music Project

Hey everyone, Rich here just wanting to offer out my ideas to whomever may be interested...???

I'm wanting to put together another band, under the same name etc, but totally dedicated to doing original music/gigs/tours. As most of you know, my original music is more important to me than anything, i have so much more passion in it than doing covers gigs, and have so much more to give than playing to 50 people in a local pub, wanting to hear a 'Jovi' or 'phonics' or 'KOL' song! Don't get me wrong, it's still fun for me but not enough!

Me and the boys will still be doing our normal gigs, which as you know do include many original songs, but i want to form another band that is dedicated to just that.

So! What i'm looking for is a drummer, lead guitarist and bassist. all male, between 20 to early 30's, who have a strong desire to better themselves, be somebody and make an impression with their music, instead of just sitting on their arses 'telling' people how good they are or could have been! People who can sing (good!) and harmonise will be considered more than those who cannot,  obviously, your playing ability and dedication is a must.

You must look good, have lot's of charisma (in your own way) and have stage presence, a good band consists of not only the music, but the individual character's of each member, and of course the show you put on as a band.

I have a lot of contacts who can organise important gigs and opportunities in and around London.

If you really want to be part of something, and are prepared to work your ass off on making / creating something to be proud of, then please contact me on here, sending a private message to my inbox, and i will organise a meeting and take it from there.

Those that just want to 'be in a band' need not apply, i am as serious about my music as can be and just as serious about taking it to a higher level than gigging locally!


Many thanks for reading this, i look forward to speaking with you!


Rich xx

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